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BAD VIBES ONLY – embracing negativity, and toxic people

I was born hyper-sensitive. And by that I don’t mean some kind of indigo child empath mojo, but the not so extraordinary trait that makes any kind of outer stimulation feel really intense. It changes from one person to the other, but you may feel that everyday smells, sounds, colours or even other people’s emotions can be really harsh and affect you greatly. I had bad headaches as a child, i cri evrytiem, and that’s probably one of the many reasons I developed a personality disorder. That is most likely also how I learned to embrace feelings in general, because they were there all the time. I didn’t just learn how to live with pain, sadness and anger around me, but I began to see the beauty in any kind of strong emotion, instead of avoiding them at all cost, like I see a lot of people in my surroundig do.
And here’s what I don’t like about the „good vibes only” mentality: running away from your feelings doesn’t serve you. You may want to keep up an overall optimistic mindset, but pu…

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