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I don’t want to be a morning person – a gentle approach to waking up

I hate mornings. Yes, even sunrises. They are cold – literally and figuratively, and definitely don’t evoke any kind of fuzzy, hopeful feelings in my heart. On the flip side, my favourite and most productive parts of the day are evenings and late afternoons. For this reason, I’ve never felt too excited about all those extremely popular „How to be a morning person” articles, since I know that I’m ridiculously ineffective at anything before 10 am, be it exercise or studying. Since my ideal sleeping habits – at least 9 hours from around midnight – don’t match how society works, and I’ll probably never master the art of napping, I had to come up with a few ways to preserve my energy till the hours my brain is actually capable of functioning. So here are few insights on how I manage my mornings, for everyone who prefer a slow start to their days.
I drink something warm – usually black tea with honey and almond milk, sometimes coffee, but I tend to reserve that for the afternoons, since it fe…

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